4 Responses to About

  1. Dear Manzoor

    I am Waqar, your mate at JMC. plz visit my weblog in Urdu. Im sure we will be in contact in future.

  2. Aadil says:


    Nice blog! Very well written posts!

    Have a nice time!

  3. Hedley Bennett says:

    I came across this blog by pure chance. (I was searching for Salutation To The Dawn as a prayer for the start of a day during the Fast of Lent.)

    I find the writing, the topics, very informative. Mazoor, you have broaden my knowledge and understanding of the history and struggle(s) of your people and country. While there are people like you in the world all is not lost. Thank you, I wish you had a wider audience

  4. Samia Elahi says:

    why you stop blogging ??? your last post was one year old, by the way like your style of writing

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