Do you know the Pakistani National Mind?

January 8, 2007

A nation is a living entity and has a collective psyche, mind or character. Different nations and cultures behave differently according to their compositions under identical conditions. Sometimes back I came across an op-ed piece in one of our dailies where the columnist complained the lack of awareness about the national character or mind in Pakistan. Yesterday I came across a very interesting formula which the author calls “A Pseudo Scientific Formula” to know the character of a nation and here I am sharing the formula with you.

Borrowing the author words, “Let “R” stand for a sense of reality (or realism), “D” for dreams (or idealism), “H” for a sense of humor and … “S” for sensitivity.  As we can’t invent words like “humoride” or “humorate” after the fashion of Chemistry, we may put it thus: 3 grains of Realism, 2 grains of idealism, 2 grains of humor and 1 grains of sensitivity makes an Englishman.”

R3 D2 H2 S1 = the English

R2 D3 H3 S3 = the French

R3 D3 H2 S2 = the Americans

R3 D4 H1 S2 = the Germans

R2 D4 H1 S1 = the Russians

R2 D3 H1 S1 = the Japanese

R4 D1 H3 S3 = the Chinese

So what makes a Pakistani?

Note: “4” stand for abnormally high, “3” for high,”2” for fair and “1” for low.