In the Memory of Mountains

A female snow leopard was captured and fitted with a GPS satellite collar on 17th November in Chitral district of Northern Pakistan. It is a first of its kind attempt to study the snow leopard and the GPS tracking system will provide the researchers valuable information regarding the movement and habitat use of the animal which is said to be notoriously hard to track down in the wild terrain. The GPS contained collar will calculate the animal’s exact position several time a day and then uplink the data to Argos satellite system which then be delivered to the researchers via email.


 This is a big achievement after George Schaller took the pictures of animal for the first time in 1970s when the species was believed to be extinct.  Interestingly enough the leopard was captured at the same place named Pordum Mali ridge or (the cave of snow leopard) where Dr. Schaller took his pictures of the animal.


This leopard weighed 35 kg and was freed in the Chitral Gol National park which was declared a natural sanctuary in 1971 and declared a National Park in 1985. Snow leopard is listed among the endangered species and is found in limited number in the Himalayas and other parts of the world.


The female leopard has been named Bayad-e-Kohsaar or in the Memory of Mountains to honor the death of many conservationists who perished in helicopter crash in Nepal this September while returning from a landmark ceremony to hand over the Kanchenjunga conservation area from the government to the local community.


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