October is the cruelest month

October is traumatically eventful month in the wasteland of Pakistan’s history. The misfortune fell on the nascent nation for the first time on 27th October 1947, when units of Indian Army started landing on Srinagar airfield. It was birth of a tragedy which has persisted unresolved for sixty years and caused three wars, hunger and plagued the lives of millions with miseries.

Pakistan’s first premier Liaquat Ali Khan fell prey to a stray bullet in Rawalpindi on 16th October 1951 and we are still clueless about the motives and identities of the perpetrators of this crime.

On 27th October 1954 we entered what can be called an era of political intrigues, conspiracies and disregard for the constitution when governor general Ghaulam Mohammad dissolved the Constitutional Assembly. Thus he set precedent to emulate for the future adventurers and his legacy has been a core doctrine in the moves and edicts of our rulers.

7th October 1958 was another black day in the history of Pakistan when the Army made a formal entry into the politics and this time commander in chief Ayub khan toppled the government of Premier Feroz Khan Noon. Ayub ruled for 11 years and left the country at the mercy of a drunkard general who presided over its disintegration.

Again on 12th October 1999 general Musharraf overthrew the Nawaz Sharif government in a coup. Thanks to the America’s commitment to democracy and democratic ideals he has recently completed his seven years in office.

On 8th October 2005 a devastating earthquake of 7.6 magnitude jolted the northern parts of the country killing 80,000 people and rendering more than 3 millions homeless.


2 Responses to October is the cruelest month

  1. Very rarely does a writer have both the skill & knowledge to give an entirely new twist to a particular topic. Manzoor, kick ass!!

  2. teta says:

    Good site! Good stuff, i found lots of intresting things here. Many thanks.

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