Concordia Discors

Tibet’s spiritual leader Dalai Lama says since the Tibetan have lived with Buddhism for centuries, so they tend to consider it as the best religion. Necessarily this result into thinking that it will be good if the humanity would also follow Buddhism and this notion of an all Buddhist world is a type of extreme thinking.

Now if we consider all the chaos, wars and fragmentations that plagues our times or  better the very course and essence of it; all are owed to the extreme thinking which emerges as the sole cause of cultural friction and chaotic world. Notions like “white man’s burden” and the sort limits our perspectives and seriously undermine our ability to understand the religions, cultures and social setting other than of our own.

Thanks to the rapid innovations in the communication technologies, the world has shrunk to global village. But these innovations are unable to alter the deep-rooted cultural stereotypes and broaden our viewpoints. Therefore, as our contact with other people and backgrounds tends to increase, so does the differences and friction. And we tend to impose what is dear to us on others in place of what is dear to them. This being impossible leads us into the world of conflict.

Therefore, in order to live peacefully in this world we have to accept the religio-cultural diversity, which adds hue and zest to life otherwise it would have not been worth living. We have to come up with our phobias, manias and stereotypes in order to qualify the litmus test of human survival. Otherwise in the words of T.S. Eliot, “The wind shall say, “here were decent godless people;
Their only monument the asphalt road
And a thousands lost golf balls.”


2 Responses to Concordia Discors

  1. Mak says:

    What a thinking. well done

  2. shahid jalal says:

    lol…..hamote rair ki okhchote ki komorom no nisaaye…………hahaha……ay okhoch ta kya korom…dunyo mamilatan som……tu kora dunyo badshah…..tan soro tan khabara gay nast……joke apart… is short….to the point……and good thinking……carry on and keep it

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